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There will be ONLY ONE uniform fitting at Devonhall clubhouse on May 20, 2017 

Please make every effort to be there for this if you need to try on pieces for sizing.  If you can not make this date, you will have to make arrangement with Lisa O'Mahoney or Ebony King to get fitted.


Please read below - there are other pieces you will need to purchase to complete your uniform. Please bring your checkbook to the uniform fitting.


All Grades - will get fitted from 3:00-5:30pm.  


All Cheerleaders:

REQUIRED AS PART OF THE UNIFORM:  (prices may vary season to season)                                                                        

Uniform Shell                                                    $   55.00
Uniform Skirt                                 $   35.00
Uniform Insert (Comp Team Only)                      $   26.00
Warm up Jacket                                             $   42.00
Pom Poms  (We will use the ones we have)  $   30.00
Cheer bag   $   35.00
Navy boy cut briefs   $   12.00
Socks lime (low profile)  $     4.00
Hair bow   $   15.00


Total for new sideline cheerleaders $198.00 (without Pom Poms)

Total for new competition cheerleaders $224.00


For Practices: We will be wearing a practice t-shirt (provided by the program) and either black or navy shorts.  You will purchase your own shorts this year. They can be the compression or sophie type shorts.  Make sure they are short enough for jumps and stunts.     


Optional items are: (prices may vary year to year)

Sweatshirt                             $38.00

Jersey                                    $31.00

Rain Jacket (clear)                   $10.00 (approximately)

To view the rain jacket and check sizes click HERE

Cheer shoes (if needed)         $55.00

OMNI cheer is a website that has alot of cheer products. click HERE for the website. The cheer shoes range from $20-$80.  They do not need to be expensive for sideline cheer.  The sizing is tricky.  Please view and print this chart to help, click Shoe Size Chart


PINK OUT month is October representing Breast Cancer Awareness month. We will wear PINK accents to our games during the month of October. Cost will be approximately $12-$20 for a bow and socks and shoe laces and/or pink pompoms                                             

Returning Cheerleaders:  

Returning cheerleaders should have their complete uniform.  if you need to add any pieces, refer to the New Cheerleader section for costs.  

A complete uniform is made up of these pieces: Uniform shell and skirt, Hair bow, briefs, low profile socks, warm up jacket, pom poms, and the cheer sling bag to carry everything in.

FOR PRACTICES: We will be wearing a practice t-shirt (provided by the program) and either black or navy shorts.  You will purchase your own shorts. They can be the compression or Sophie-type shorts. Make sure they are short enough for jumps and stunts.

Pom poms - There are two options, 1) You can choose to use the ones we have or 2) Purchase new ones. To order new pompoms, I need a minimum order of 6 people to order.  They are $30.13 for the pair that includes tax. This is for the 3 color metallic poms.



Please take pride in wearing your Jr.Titans uniform. Please do not let anyone borrow it or use it as a costume for any ocassion or for powder puff. Same goes for your pompoms, do not let anyone use them.

You can not wear the uniform except for games, so it is not to be worn to school.  We have the jerseys, jackets and hoodies you can wear to show school spirit on Fridays. 

Cleaning the uniform - to maintain good condition of the uniform, please machine wash gentle cycle is recommended in cold water with mild detergent. Wash it after every game. PLEASE HANG TO DRY

Cheer shoes should only be worn to practices and games. If they get dirty you can clean them with Mr.Clean magic eraser or white shoe polish or bleach.

Bow - keep in a safe place.  It is very difficult to get another one. Keep it with your bag, you can clip it to the outside so it won't get crumpled.

Pompoms - keep them in your bag or hang them up with pant clothes hangers when they get wet so they can dry.



Any questions please contact Ebony King at bfaire365@gmail.com or 404-805-9727