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Welcome to the Jr.Titan football family,


Please register your player by clicking the Registration button on the top left column. Make sure to fill in complete information including emails and cell numbers.  We use email and text to communicate with everyone.  

Below are links to all necessary forms needed for your player to start football.

1)    NMFL form filled out and signed - we will attach the required photo later.


2)    Physician formsigned and dated by your physician.  http://files.LeagueAthletics.com/Images/Club/9409/Fulton County Physician Form.pdf

3)    A copy of his birth certificate -  You can upload this to the site when registering. Or bring a copy of it when you turn in all the other documents.  Does not apply to returning players 

4)    Concussion Awareness formthis needs to be read and signed by the parent and the player.http://files.LeagueAthletics.com/Images/Club/9409/Concussion Awareness Form.pdf

5)    3 deposit checks payable to the NFFA (they will not be cashed)–

       a) One check in the amount of $250 for equipment.  The check will be returned at the end of the season when all equipment is returned .  

         b) One check in the amount of $75, is a volunteer deposit.  All football and cheer families are required to fulfill 3 volunteer spots this season. These checks will not be deposited if all volunteer requirements are fulfilled.

        c) One check in the amount of $75 for fundraising.  The check will be returned at the end of the season when all fundraising has been completed.  


Please bookmark our website and view it often, also, you can “Like” our Facebook page at



Looking forward to a great football season!



Practice begins on 07/17/17. The first two weeks will be helmets only, no contact.  The players will practice 3 nights a week throughout the season.  Practice schedule the first two weeks will be Monday - Friday 6:30 - 8:30PM. On the 3rd week, we start pads and practice Mon-Wed 6:30 - 8:30PM.


1) Jr.Titans will provide you with: a helmet, shoulder pads, game jersey and 1 pair of game pants.  You will get these items when you turn in ALL Paperwork.

2) You will need to purchase: a mouthpiece, practice pants (these usually come with pads), cleats, pads for game pants and a rib guard/protector(optional).


We asking for uniformity reasons, that all football players have white socks and white or navy blue undershirt during football games, preferrably without sleeves. This is not mandatory, but will give our players a clean look. 



Abbotts Bridge field - is located off Abbotts Bridge rd. at Northview High School. Take a right into the high school then take the first right and follow the curve around to the field.  You will see the bus canopy on your left. 


Parsons Road field - is located on the corner of 141 and Parsons Rd.  It is the field on the left.  You will need to park at the stadium lot and walk down to the field.