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Parent Meeting Packet

2017 Jr.Titans Cheer


We are thrilled you want to tryout for Jr.Titan Cheerleading!!! Cheerleading is a fun and exciting team sport. Parents and girls, please take the time to read through the entire packet so everyone understands what is expected. 

THE WEBSITE: Please go through ALL the cheer tabs on the website at www.northviewjrtitansfootball.com  and read the following important information about Jr Titan cheerleading.  Bookmark this site on your home page and refer to it often. 

REGISTRATION: Make sure to put in your cell number and carrier plus your email address, it is the easiest way to communicate with everyone.  YOU WILL NEED TO REGISTER TO TRYOUT 

FACEBOOK: Also, "LIKE" our facebook page - during the season we post pictures and other info. on there.  It is http://www.facebook.com/Northview-Jr-Titans-Football-and-Cheer-223491527685836/


Agenda for parent meeting:

  1) Documents/Forms

  2) Registration & Tryout Info.

  3) Costs

  4) Uniform

  5) Camp information

  6) Weekly Practice

  7) Games  

  8) Absences

10) Fundraising

11) Cheer standards

12) Questions


1) Signed Acknowledgement of Understanding and Cheer Experience form - Both parent and cheerleader will need to read and sign off on this form. Please turn it in at the parent meeting. It is the last two pages of this packet.
2) Stingray Registration form/waiver must be completed and signed by or at the meeting in order to try out. I will have copies at the meeting for you to sign or you can Click on the this link:  http://johnscreek.stingrayallstars.com/
3) Concussion Form - can be found under Documents/forms on the home page of this site. You and your cheerleader need to read and sign this form. 
4) Physical Form -  can be found under Documents/forms on the home page.  Your Doctor needs to sign off on this form.  The exam date must be AFTER November 2015 to be valid for this season.  You can turn this in before cheer camp in August.




TRYOUTS: April 26th and April 27th

Time: 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Location:  Stingrays Gym


REGISTRATION:         Opens February 1, 2017 and closes July 30, 2017
                                           Every girl needs to register on our website to tryout. 


TRYOUT PRACTICE:   Wednesday April 26th  5:30pm - 7:30pm at Stingrays Gym

                                   On Wednesday, the girls will learn their cheer, chant, dance
                                   and jump sequence for Tryouts on Thursday.

                                            Stingray Allstars Gym
                                            4680 Morton Road
                                            Johns Creek, Ga 30022

                                    Website: http://johnscreek.stingrayallstars.com/

                                    To email:


                             THE GIRLS ARE REQUIRED TO BE THERE BOTH DAYS


          Although formal tryouts are Tuesday - The girls will be evaluated on     attitude and spirit during the practice and tryouts.


WHAT TO WEAR: Girls will wear any white t-shirt & navy or black shorts for practice/tryouts. Hair needs to be in a high ponytail (ALL hair pulled back) and NO jewelry. 

TRYOUTS:  April 26th - April 27th,  5:30pm - 7:30pm at Stingrays                                                                   

RESULTS POSTED: April 28th at 5pm on the website


There will be three squads – Legend Elite, Spirit Elite, and one combined competition team Titan Elite. Please note that if your daughter needs to miss any games (we hope she doesn’t have to miss any), we need to know the dates by 8/01/17. (View Absences for rules)



Registration Fee:  Each girl selected to be on the squad will pay a Jr.Titan Program Fee of $425 (program fee is reduced to $350 for a second daughter cheering)

The $425 fee includes the following but not limited to: Cheer camp, choreography, sideline music, practice t-shirt, events throughout the season(like Powder Puff), the end of season banquet, awards, medical insurance, field fees, program fees we pay to GMSAA (which is the league we belong to) etc.

Stingray Gym fees (Sidelines):  The parent will pay $45 per month (or $135 in total) for the 3 months(starting August – October)  directly to Stingrays gym.  This covers the gym fees/choreography for our weekly sideline halftime routine practices.

Stingray Gym fees (Competition):  The parent will pay $80 per month (or $240 in total) for the 4 months(starting July – October)  directly to Stingrays gym.  This covers the gym fees/choreography for our competition routine.

Payment of the $425 registration fee may be made all at once or spread out over 3 months.

The payment plan is as follows:

$100 on 5/17

$225 on 6/17

  $100 on 7/17 

You will not receive your uniform unless you have paid in full.




Each cheerleader will be responsible for purchasing their own uniform. It will be yours to keep throughout your years as a Jr.Titan cheerleader. There are options to sell back your uniform pieces to incoming new cheerleaders each season.

The cost of the uniform will be somewhere between $50 and $250 depending on if you are a new or returning cheerleader. 

Uniform fitting - Will be at TBD on Saturday May 20, 2017 from 3-5pm. Please make every effort to be there.  You will need to make alternate arrangements with the lady who makes our uniforms, if you can't make this day. 



All Grades - will get fitted from 3:00-5:30pm.  


All Cheerleaders:

REQUIRED AS PART OF THE UNIFORM:  (prices may vary season to season)                                                                        

Uniform Shell                                                    $   55.00
Uniform Skirt                                 $   35.00
Uniform Insert (Comp Team Only)                      $   26.00
Warm up Jacket                                             $   42.00
Pom Poms  (We will use the ones we have)  $   30.00
Cheer bag   $   35.00
Navy boy cut briefs   $   12.00
Socks lime (low profile)  $     4.00
Hair bow   $   15.00


Total for new sideline cheerleaders $198.00 (without Pom Poms)

Total for new competiton cheerleaders $224.00

For Practices: We will be wearing a practice t-shirt (provided by the program) and either black or navy shorts.  You will purchase your own shorts this year. They can be the compression or sophie type shorts.  Make sure they are short enough for jumps and stunts.                                                                      

Optional items are: (prices may vary year to year)

Sweatshirt                              $38.00

Jersey                                    $24.00

Cheer shoes(required)                $55.00 (They will be available for purchase at the uniform fitting)

Rain Jacket                             $12.00

NOTE: There will be an added cost of $15-20 to pay for PINK hair bows, socks, pompoms and shoe laces for the October PINK OUT games.     

There is also a bake sale at one of the games in Oct. where all the parents bring baked goods and we sell them and send all the proceeds to Breast Cancer research.


Returning Cheerleaders:  

All cheerleaders will purchase a unifrom for the 2017-2018 season.

A complete uniform is made up of these pieces: Uniform shell and skirt, Hair bow, briefs, low profile socks, warm-up zipped jacket, pompoms, the cheer sling bag to carry everything in.

PRACTICE: We will be wearing a practice t-shirt (provided by the program) and either black or navy shorts.  You will purchase your own shorts this year. They can be the compression or sophie type shorts. Make sure they are short enough for jumps and stunts.


Sell/Buy Back Uniform program:

You also have the option (given there are the sizes you need) to purchase used pieces of uniform from previous cheerleaders who are no longer with the Jr.Titan program.  There is a google doc that has all the information.  Click HERE  to view the document.  




MANDATORY  Cheer Camp July 31st - August 4th (BE ON TIME)

Monday and Tuesday - Stingrays Gym Legend Elite 9am-3pm (bring a lunch and water bottle) the girls will be learning their half time routine.

Spirit Elite will be from 2:00-7pm (bring a water bottle and snack)

Wednesday - ALL TEAMS - Stingrays Gym 9am-1pm (bring snack and water) - the girls will learn stunts. 

                                      Thursday - SIDELINE TEAMS OFF - due to River Trail Sneak Peek

                                                          COMPETITION TEAM -  Choreography Camp 9am - 4pm

      Friday SIDELINE CHEER DAY - 9am-11am the girls will learn cheers                            from the high school or 8th grade cheerleaders at Northview High                            School.      

                     COMPETITION TEAM -  Choreography Camp 9am - 4pm                    

 Team practice shirt, cheer shoes, hair in high ponytail (hair and bangs off face) and NO jewelry (safety concerns)



There will be practice 2 days a week.  PLEASE ALWAYS BE ON TIME!!!

Sideline Teams will be at the same time at the same location whether it is Stingrays or the High School.

Sunday - Northview  – Time TBD - focus on conditioning and cheers. Practice will start 8/06 through 10/28    

Thursday –Stingrays– 5:30 – 7:00pm - focus on halftime routine, jumps & tumbling
Practice will start Thursday 8/10 through 10/28


 Team practice shirt, cheer shoes, hair in high ponytail (hair and bangs off face) and NO jewelry (safety issue)


Tumbling – Not required, but, if you want to improve on your tumbling skills.

                   Stingrays has tumbling classes for all levels.  It is $60/month. Check out the                       classes at http://johnscreek.stingrayallstars.com/ 



The girls will need to arrive at the game 1 hour before the game starts. PLEASE BE ON TIME. It is important the girls be there on time.  We will go over half time routine and it is hard to do when everyone isn’t there. Please read the Cheer Standards for rules. 

Most commons rules to remember for the games are: No chewing gum, No jewelry, bow must be in the ponytail, you cannot walk off the track to get water, etc. unless the coaches call a break, and if it rains or is cold, either the whole team wears the raincoats or jacket or no one does.



  • If needed and only if absolutely necessary, ONE game may be missed if we are notified by the end of the first week of practice.
  • If you are unable to attend any activity due to illness, you must contact the coach prior to the scheduled event.
  • If you miss Monday practice, you are not allowed to be in the half time routine for that weekend. (even if you are sick or for any other reason) the routine has to be reworked which takes time.
  • If you miss more than one game, you will sit out of the first half of the following game.




Every family MUST Volunteer for 3 volunteer spots during our home games.  It does take a village to run our home games.  There will be a variety of places to volunteer like: concessions, gate sales, chain gang, powder puff, banquet, kick off dinner

In addition, you will write a $75 deposit check for the program to hold until the end of the season. If you have not completed your 3 spots your check will be cashed and deposited into the program. 



We as a Jr.Titan program will have a fundraiser this year.  More details to come. We will look for a mom to take on this fundraising option. If you choose to take this job on you will have covered your 3 volunteer requirements.  Put on your thinking caps and get ideas on what we could do as a fundraiser this year.  This will help offset the cost of the program and uniform fees.



Certain standards and expectations are necessary for the integrity and reputation of the Jr. Titan cheer program. 

Cheerleaders should be leaders within their school and set a good example at all times. 

Cheerleaders are expected to have and maintain a character above reproach and to exhibit personal appearance and habits that will reflect a positive image.

School Behavior:

  • A cheerleader must maintain good behavior in all school classes and activities
  • A cheerleader should strive to make the best grades possible.  This means doing homework, listening and participating in class and setting an example for others to follow.
  • Cheerleaders are to obey ALL school rules

Squad Behavior:

  • Always be positive when regarding our football team or any of its players
  • Coaches are to be respected.  This includes all coaches – parent coaches and Stingray
  • Always be positive when regarding your fellow cheerleaders
  • Disrespect or profanity of any kind will result in disciplinary action
  • Show respect for each other’s opinions
  • Be willing to go the extra mile to improve the squad
  • Cooperate with and respect each other
  • Do your share of the work.  Volunteer without being asked!
  • Refrain from arguing in public as a squad
  • Show good sportsmanship at all times
  • Give 110% in all aspects of cheerleading
  • Do not chew gum while in uniform or at practice
  • Be neat in appearance and follow the school dress code when attending any function that represents the school
  • DO NOT wear jewelry while cheering or at any time while in uniform
  • DO NOT make excuses – for anything
  • You are not allowed to walk off the track unless the coaches call a break
  • All uniform pieces must be on your body in the correct manner at all times
  • If the weather changes (rain or cold) either the whole team wears the raincoat or the navy jacket or no one does


NOTE: If an athlete continues to fail to follow the expected behaviors after being warned and the parent being notified, the athlete may be benched, suspended or removed from the squad.


Expectations for Athletes:

  • Complete tryout packet
  • Complete cheerleading experience questionnaire
  • Attend both days of tryouts
  • Attend summer camp and all scheduled events
  • Attend ALL practices - if you miss Monday practice you will not be in the half time routine that weekend.  Even if you are sick. It is too hard to rework it after Monday practice.
  • Cheer all games (if needed and only if absolutely necessary, only ONE game may be missed if we are notified by the end of the first week of practice) If you miss more than two games, you will sit out the first half of the game the following game
  • Be on time for all games, practices and activities and stay the duration
  • Maintain high academic and moral standards
  • Participate in all pre-game preparations (Friday spirit wear days, spirit banners, powder puff, etc.)
  • If you MISS MONDAY PRACTICE, you WILL NOT perform in the half time routine for the game on Saturday.

Expectations for Parents:

  • Cheerleading is an expensive sport.  You can expect to pay up to $750 for registration, summer camps, gym fees and uniforms.
  • Review the entire information packet with your athlete and be sure they understand unacceptable behaviors and consequences.
  • Support your athlete and the team by attending football games
  • Volunteer - All parents are required to volunteer for 3 volunteer time slots at home games. You will write a $75 check to the program, it will not be deposited unless you fail to complete your 3 volunteer requirements. Only then will it be deposited at the end of the season.
  • Support the decisions made by the coach even when it does not fall in the favor of your specific athlete.
  • If you have a concern, please address it with the coaches and/or the Cheer VP, which is Ebony King at bfaire365@gmail.com or 404-805-9727.




Please list any experience you have in cheerleading, dance, gymnastics (note: experience is NOT required to try out)


If you have stunting experience, please check your experience

Fly _____


Back ______

Front ______

Other _______ (please describe: ___________________________________________)


If you have tumbling experience, please check your skills

Cartwheel _____

Round off ______

Front Walkover ______

Back Walkover  ________

Standing Back handspring ________

Roundoff back handspring ________

Standing tuck ________

Other ______ (please describe: ______________________________________)


Cheerleader Name: ____________________________________________________

Grade  6th    7th     8th   (circle grade athlete will be in for fall 2016)





I, parent of (please print) _________________________________________________

have read the complete Jr Titan tryout packet.  My child and I have discussed the commitment and understand what is expected of a Jr Titan Cheerleader.  We agree to abide by all the Jr Titan guidelines and policies.



_________________________________                              ________________________

Parent Signature                                                                 Date



_________________________________                               ________________________

Participants Signature                                                          Date


Thank you and welcome to the Jr.Titan cheer program,

Ebony King 

2017 Jr.Titan VP Cheer