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Frequently Asked Questions – 2017 Jr. Titan Cheer

Q:     Who to contact for any questions you might have?

          A: The Cheer VP, Ebony King,  or 404-805-9727


Q:        Who is eligible for Jr. Titan Cheer?

A:  You must reside in the Northview High School District to cheer in the program.  Address Information can be verified easily via the Fulton County Board of Education (FCBOE) website http://edulogweb.fultonschools.org/edulog/webquery/.  Plug your address into the “Address” Box and put “09” into the grade box and click “Go” and it will tell you what high school the student’s address is districted to for the county.  We create cheer squads from students who will be in 6th – 8th grade in the 2016-17 fall season.


Q:        How do I register?

A:  Simply go online to our website, www.northviewjrtitansfootball.com and complete the registration for Jr Titan Cheer. Follow the online registration steps. Make sure to put your cell number and email on the registration, this is how we communicate throughout the season.


Q:     Can I register without paying and pay at a later date?

A:  YES – You can pay at the time of registration or use the payment plan schedule of $100 due by 5/15/17, $250 due by 6/15/17 and the final payment due by 7/15/17. If you have any questions about registration or payment, please contact Ebony King,  or 404-805-9727.  You need to be paid in full to receive your uniform.


Q:     Is there a deadline for registration?

A:  Yes – since all 6th -8th graders must go through tryouts on April 26th and 27th in    order to be considered for sideline cheer, registration must be made prior to tryouts. The deadline is Friday April 21, 2017.


Q:      What if I don’t register in time; will I still be able to try out?

A:  If you miss the deadline, you can contact, the director, Ebony King at . I can schedule a separate tryout date for those that registered late and/or could not make the initial tryout date.


Q:     How much does it cost to cheer?

A:  The registration fee for 6th-8th graders is $425. Uniforms are a separate amount and can be worn several years on a row, this ranges between $50-$250.  The uniform will belong to you and does not have to be returned to the program.You do have the option to sell back your uniform to others coming into the program. The Gym fees to Stingrays is also a separate fee paid directly to Stingrays of $45 per month for 3 months.


Q:     What does the Sideline registration fee include?

A:  Jr. Titan Cheer is proud of the great Sideline program we have and the many team building activities we plan. Your registration includes: (including the following but not limited to)

  • 6th – 8th grade: Cheer camp, practice shirt, halftime music and choreography fees, season kick off dinner special treats throughout the year, powder puff, a year-end banquet and gift, also helps to pay the many program expenses like medical, field, website etc. 


Q:     What other costs can I expect to incur?

A:  Our sideline fee does not include the uniform. Two years ago the program got all new uniforms and we are using the same ones this year. If you are a returning cheerleader, you can use your uniform from last year. If you are new to the program, you will need to purchase a new one or find someone that is selling theirs. A new uniform package usually costs around $250+ for 6th - 8th graders. Costs per piece range from $15 - $100 for new pieces and half of that cost for used pieces. The uniform resale process is done online through a google document.  It is very easy and there are plenty of pieces being sold.  If a piece you need is not being sold through this process, you can simply place an order for a new piece from our vendor on the Uniform Fitting Day, Sunday May 15th from 3pm-5pm at Seven Oaks clubhouse.


In addition, the registration fee does not include the gym fees. These fees are paid directly to Stingrays Gym. The cost is $45/month for Sideline, which is one day a week. These fees go toward gym time and really important, great coaching.


Q:     Does this program do any fundraising?

 A:  Historically we have not required specific amounts of fundraising, and participation in our fundraising activities were optional. You have the opportunity to cover the cost of the program fees and/or uniforms fees if you fund raise.  If you are in need of financial assistance this is a great way to cover all your costs. The cheer board reserves the right to make fundraising mandatory.


Q:     Where does all my registration money go?

A:  Jr. Titan Football and Cheer is a not for profit group. All Board members and team moms, etc. are volunteers. Besides what a cheerleader receives as stated above, our costs include (but not limited to) Fulton County usage of venues, website, coaching fees, Jr. coaches, supplies, team building activities, choreography, music, signage, banners, kickoff party, powder puff, banquet, and advertising...just to name a few.


Q:     What are the tryouts and do all girls make the squad?

A:  Tryouts are only for girls who will be in 6th, 7th and 8th grade in the 2017-2018 school year.  Tryouts serve the following purpose: 1) to keep our sideline squads not to exceed 20 girls and to see the skill level each girl has. Girls will be evaluated over two days on various jumps, tumbling passes and the cheers they will learn on day one. All girls who will be in 6th, 7th & 8th grade in the 2017-2018 school year will be required to participate in tryouts Wednesday and Thursday April 26th & 27th to confirm our sideline squads. There will be years that all girls make the team and there will be years people get cut.  Changes year to year based on participation.


Q:     What if I can’t make it to tryouts due to another commitment?

         A:  We do understand other commitments and encourage you to try your best to reschedule other appointments, as it is very difficult to schedule the coaches' times.  If you run into an  issue, please contact Ebony King at bfaire365 .


Q:     How do I know if my daughter made the team?

A:  Results will be posted on the Jr. Titan Football and Cheer website, www.northviewjrtitansfootball.com by Friday of that week by 5:00pm.


Q:    What if I don’t make the team after tryouts – will I get a full refund?

A:  This has not happened thus far.  We will honor that and a check will be sent within 14 business days for any remaining amount.


  1.     What do the Gym fees cover?

A:  The gym fees for sideline are $45/month for 3 months starting in August – October paid directly to Stingrays and $80 per month for 4 months starting in June.The girls will be taught a grade specific half time routine during Jr.Titan Cheer Camp the week of August 1-3. At the Stingrays weekly practices, your coach will perfect this routine and add or make changes as the girls grow in their capabilities.The gym offers a safe environment to practice and learn stunts and other halftime routine things. In addition, this is a great way to get your daughter acclimated to the “cheer” environment. 

Q. How and when do I turn in the other 3 forms for registration – Stingrays Registration form/Waiver, the Acknowledgement of Understanding, the Cheer experience form, the Medical & Release from Liability form and Parent/Athlete Concussion form?

A:   Preferably, all of these forms will be filled out, signed and turned at the Parent Information Meeting.  All 6th-8th graders MUST turn in these forms prior to tryouts or they won’t be able to participate.


Q:     Do you have a refund policy?

A:  Yes. Considerable funds are expended to run the program prior to the start of the season.

  • The following withdrawal fees apply to our Sideline program. Administrative fees will be deducted from original payment prior to refund being posted as follows:
  • $75.00 from date of registration through July 31st – all grades
  • No Refund issued on or after August 1st
  • No refund issued if verification from the Department of Education indicates that you are not in the Northview School District and/or if you fail otherwise to provide documentation to support eligibility


Q:     When does Cheer start?

A:   Practices begin for all grades the first week of the 2016-2017 school year at Stingrays Gym, 4680 Morton Road, Johns Creek, GA 30022.

            6th-8th grade: Tuesdays  5:30-7:00 pm at Stingrays Gym

            6th-8th grade: Thursdays 7:30-8:00pm at the Northview Stadium


Q:     Do you have a summer camp?

A:  YES. These camps are MANDATORY and are included in your registration fee.

  • Our Stingray’s coaches will host a Halftime Routine Camp at Stingrays Gym for all 6th, 7th & 8th graders. Here they will learn their halftime routine. This will be held July 31st - August 2 from 9:00am – 3:00pm (bring a lunch and water and then August 3 from 9am-1pm(bring snack and water).   
  • The High School Cheerleaders will host the Titan Cheer Camp for 6th-8th graders,  which will be held on Friday August 5 from 9:00am – 1:00pm at NHS stadium. The girls will learn the cheers and jumps they will be doing during the football season.


Q:     What if I can’t attend the camp?

A:   The camp is MANDATORY.  We have made every effort to minimize the time required of the girls during their summer break and know that it can be hard to organize family schedules. We ask that you make absolutely every effort to make alternate arrangements as missing the camp may result in your daughter not having a spot in the routine until she can be worked in at a later date. The choreographers create the routines based on the number of girls at the camp, and it is very difficult to try and work someone in later in the year. 


Q:      Can I get a refund if I can’t attend the camp?

         A:  Unfortunately there will be no refunds for camp missed.


Q:      Who are the coaches and team moms and what are their responsibilities?

          A:  We have several different types of people who will support your girls:

  1. Sideline coaches and team moms are typically mothers/guardians of a cheerleader who are volunteering their time to support the program. They will attend all games and serve as point of contact for any questions and concerns. 
  2. Titan Mentors are high school cheerleaders who have volunteered to mentor/help coach cheers to all of the girls in our program.  There are generally two mentors per age group. They will be at the Wednesday night practice at the high school coaching cheers.
  3. Gym coaches will be teaching your girls the half time routine from Stingrays Allstars, our partner gym. They are highly qualified and certified professionals.


Q:     Can I apply to be a Coach for my daughter’s team?

A:  YES, if they are not filled already, please inquire about coaching to the cheer director,Ebony King at or 404-805-9727.  There are many ways to be involved in the cheer program.  The coaches always need willing and able parents to help out in various ways. 


Q:      At how many games will we cheer?

         A:  ALL OF THEM, unless otherwise noted.  There will be one BYE week, where we do not have a game.  I will post the football scheudle when it comes out. 

  • 6th – 8th grade: Georgia Middle School Athletic Association (GMSAA) – the season is normally 9 weeks, consisting of 8 games and 1 bye week. Each team also has the ability to make playoffs depending on their record, which may add on more games.


Q:     Where and What time are the games played?

A:  Games are played on Saturdays on the high school fields. Once game times and field locations are scheduled, we will publish these on the website. Our home field is the Northview High School Stadium. The times are always as follows: 6th 3:30pm,           7th 5:30pm and 8th 7:30pm.


Q:     How many cheerleaders are there per squad?

A:  For sideline, we are limiting the number of cheerleaders to 20 per grade. The competition team can go up to 16 cheerleaders.


Q:     As a parent/guardian, what time commitment is expected of me?

A:  Besides ensuring your cheerleader is on time to practices, camps and games, we also ask that at least one parent/guardian is on site at all games in case of an emergency. We appreciate your support and participation in any team event (ie: kick off dinner, powder puff, banquet) and requests from team coaches to support the team.  


Q:     What other volunteer opportunities are available for me to get involved?

A:  You know that old saying, “It Takes a Village” well, it really does take a village to run our home game.  So, we’d love to have you volunteer with us.  Volunteering with Jr.Titans is a great way to stay close to the action and meet some terrific people.

 We do require each family to Volunteer 3 times during our home games plus we always welcome any help we can get for the other wonderful activities we do as a program such as kick off dinner, powder puff, banquet, and fundraising. 

 If you have a special talent, extra time or just want to get involved, please contact Benicia Ammons . As a side bar, each family will write a $75 deposit check which will be held till the end of the season. If you DO NOT fulfill your volunteer requirements your check will be deposited into the Jr.Titan program account at the end of the season.


Q:     What do I do if I have a question or concern?

A:  If your question is about registration, cost, coaches, teams or the program in general, please contact Ebony King or 404-805-9727.