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1) Meet with outgoing cheer director about next year
2) Board Meeting - to determine how to start recruiting, cheer budget 
3) Decide on Gym - We currently use Stingrays Gym on Morton Rd. 
4) Set up meeting with the Gym - decide on the following: Tryout dates 
    and details, cheer camp and fall practices. Brett is the contact.
5) Set up time for the Mandatory Parent Meeting - I ususally hold it the 
    Sunday before tryouts, so parents know what is expected  
    and  the dates for camp/games and the cost of everything. 
    Stingrays will let you use the upstairs for the meeting, just ask
6) Budget - look over last years budget and determine what/if anything 
    needs to be replaced, uniforms, etc.
1) Begin Publiciity - Place the in-ground signs around town for Jr.Titan football and cheer   registration. Place ad for cheer tryouts in River Trail, Wilson Creek, Findley, Shakerag and Medlock Bridge elementary schools and run it till deadline of registration which is usually 2nd week of April. Football will place their own ads.
2) Costs - Make final determinations of any new costs (ie: uniforms, poms, gym) This year 2016 the 6th grade is reusing the program navy & white uniforms(parents just give you a $120 deposit check, not to be cashed unless uniform isn't returned or returned in bad condition). The 7th & 8th use the new uniforms with the added green color and the parents purchase these uniforms.
3) Contact the Music company - You can use who you want but we have
    used "New Level Music" previously. Contact is Molly.
    * Options are to get new music(we use the same music 
    for all three teams) OR you can use last seasons music. 
    * Costs are about $400+ for new music.  
4) Parent Meeting Packet - Prepare and print out. Make sure to update the packet
    with updated information ie: dates, uniform costs, etc.
5) Contact Uniform lady - By mid April make contact w/ her and let her know the pieces 
    you want to keep, are there any change designs, etc.  
    contact is Torey or Donna Rose at YSS Athletics. 770-982-7544
    ***Highly recommend you change vendors next year***
1) Hold Tryouts - We held tryouts in April - make sure to advertise  
    this starting early March.  
    * Stingrays will judge tryouts for you.  Parent will need 
    to sign the Stingrays waiver before trying out. The parent 
    also needs to register their child before tryouts via website.  
    Tryouts are 2 days, 1st day practice and 2nd day tryouts.
    Post tryouts results on the website by 3pm the next day
2) Hold Parent Meeting - I held this on Sunday, the day before tryouts. Go over the packet.
    This packet contains ALL costs, what's expected as a 
    parent and cheerleader
3) Email out the Uniform sell back information- This is for the new 
    cheerleaders or a girl who has outgrown their uniform from last year.
    The rising 9th graders or if they are not cheering anymore can sell back their uniform for half the cost. 
    The uniform is sold at half the cost.  Parents can list what they want to sell, It is all put on a google doc so everyone can see it in real time.
4) Uniform sizing - Do this in early-mid May. Sunday afternoon works best  
    for the parents and girls to order their uniform and any other 
    pieces (ie: jacket, sweatshirt, jersey) Only those that have a complete required uniform do not have to come. 
    Contact person for uniforms is Torey Rose at YSS Athletics 

770-982-7544 or torey.rose@yssathletics. 

***I strongly recommend you change vendors for next year***

5) Contact NHS coaches about cheer camp - this is one day during our camp 
    week (usually the last day which is Fri.) that we go to Northview where the high school cheerleaders show the girls cheers. This past year, we had the 8th graders teach the 6th & 7th instead of the high school.
    Our Cheer Camp is usually the first week in August or the week before we go back to school.
    Their website is www.cheernhs.com  Mrs. Gray and Mrs. Gold are the high school coaches
    It costs us about $200 when we use them for 2 hours. 
7) Order PomPoms - We use www.Omnicheer.com 

Custom 3-Color Metallic Pom $13.95 a piece, so $30.13/pair w/ tax. Colors are navy, silver, lime green, 6" streamers, 3/4" wide, baton handle

I gave everyone the option to purchase new pompoms this year.  16 people bought new ones they get to keep.

8) Order Rain coats - Amazon $10.34 each.Clear jacket w/hood the program paid for these.


1) Magnets -  








We used www.Victorystore.com, We ordered 100, 50 for football, 50 for cheer. We will put these on the kids lockers at the begining of school.

No need to order any next year.  i ordered 100 extra 50 of football and 50 of cheer to sell and we never did sell them. 

2) Practice T-Shirts - We use David Marsden with www.embroiderynet.com Prices are great. about $10-$11 per shirt.  The program pays for the girls practice shirts along with the coaches shirts. I order the coaches V-necks, the coaches shirts do not have to match the girls.  Decide on a design and you can have them send it to you in a few colors. 

3) Meet with grade level coaches   You will want to meet with all of them either by grade level or all together.  i did the initial meeting with all grades, then later we met to go over specifics for each grade.   Things we covered are: game times, practices - what to wear, what time, absences, pre-season party, what is needed from parents(treat person, banner person), etc.  The coaches will want to send out an email to the parents introducing themselves and giving dates and upcoming events. 

4) Fundraiser - Get a fundraising chair and let them decide what you all want to sell.  This is totally optional, some want to fundraise others do not need to.  Options for fundraising are  Autobell or Dominoes Pizza cards.  They will need to apply to fundraise on the Autobell website, then set a date and length of time for the fundraiser.  You can also do a raffle, there are lots of options out there. You can hold it in the summer or wait till school starts. Check with the football team and see if they are interested in doing it also.



1) Cheer Camp - Email out to parents info. About cheer camp 
    Aug. 1-3, Stingrays 9-3 Mon. &Tues. and 9-1 Wed.
    Aug. 5 at high school stadium to learn cheers Fri. 9-11
    Cost is covered by registration fees $160/girl per Brett at Stingrays
2) Practices - All squads will practice at the same time
    Monday - Stingrays 5:30-7:00pm
    Wednesday - High School stadium 7-8pm
    See website for details - We will order practice t-shirts 
    provided by the program covered by registration fees
    They can wear either black or navy shorts
4) Games - send out information to the coaches, then the coaches can relay all game/practice info. to their parents.  Things like the game time, location, like game schedule, rules of behavior on the field, absences.

 Remind everyone there is usually a game on Labor Day so do not make plans.  The Rule is if the boys are expected to be there, then so are the girls.

5) Pink out stuff - During Sept. we order Pink items, to be ready to wear the month of Oct. which is Breast Cancer awareness month.  You will order all the pink socks, shoe laces, pompoms and bows. www.Braggabits is the website to order the bows from. The girls will wear the pink stuff all month long.


1) PINK OUT - this happens the whole month of October.  
    The girls will wear ALL the PINK stuff the whole month of October

There will also be a bake sale at one game.  There will be a parent volunteer in charge of the bake sale. This is a good opportunity for parents to fulfill at least 1 of their 3 required volunteer spots for the season.

2) Powder Puff - A parent will chair this, but there YOU and your coaches will need to find coaches(to teach the girls football) for each grade.  Each grade can schedule their own practice with their coach.  Each grade will get together with the boys and teach them cheers.  Not everyone has to attend, but whoever wants to help teach the boys.  It works easiest if you separate them into small groups like 5-6 boys to 3-4 girls.  The boys will get a parent to teach them a half time routine(they will perform this between games) everyone loves this part.  The day of the game, everyone will bring something to share(food, drinks, etc.) there is music(DJ) and an MC announcing the games. The games are done in a round robin where 6th plays 7th then whoever wins that game plays 8th. 

3) End of Season Banquet - There will be a chairperson, but they will need volunteers

    to help decorate, a good time for those who haven't fulfilled their 
    3 volunteer hours. 
    You will order ALL trophies, gifts(ie: t-shirts, picture boards) for all girls
    Awards are: Titan Award(this award should go to the one who is the leader and most supportive), most improved - both of these should be voted on by the coaches and cheerleaders.