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2017 Jr Titan Game Schedule






This is the time the girls will go over cheers and practice the half time routine.


The girls will need to arrive at the game 1 hour before the game starts.  It is important the girls are there on time.  We will go over half time routine and it's hard to do when everyone isn’t there.  PLEASE BE ON TIME!!!
Most commons rules to remember for the games are: No chewing gum, No jewelry, bow must be in the ponytail on your head at all times(unless you all agree to wear the hair half up and half down), you can not walk off the track to get water, etc. unless the coaches call a break, and if it rains or is cold, either the whole team wears the raincoats or the navy jacket or no one does. We always want to have a uniformed presence.

We will rotate game captains. We will have 2-3 girls per game as captains, depending on the size of your squad. All girls will have the chance to be game captains. The captains will help lead Wednesday night practice along with calling cheers at the game that week.

Game Day:  Before the game starts for home games, the captains will go to the visiting side and welcome the visiting cheerleaders.  They will ask if they are performing for half time and let them they(the opposing team) will perform first.

The captains will get our girls to go to their side to watch them perform to their parents. 

The captains will also decide which cheers to do and call all the cheers during that game. You will be given index cards(or cheer list) with cheers on them.  These girls should also be paying close attention to what is going on in the game so the appropriate cheers (offense or defense) can be picked and they can get the crowd involved in a chant. 

The game captains will also help lead Wednesday practice and call cheers at that practice.

The captains will also be in charge of giving the treats to the visiting team cheerleaders after we perform our half time routine, deciding what way the girls are to wear their hair and any other details/info. that is needed for the game that week.  The girls can set up a "Group Me" to stay on top of those important things.




If needed and only if it is absolutely necessary, ONE game may be missed if we are notified by the end of the first week of practice in August.  The half time routine has to be reworked if  someone is absent for Stingrays practice that week. Since we only have one day at Stingrays gym for the coaches to make adjustments it is simply too complicated and high risk of someone getting hurt to put that person back into the routine/stunt that has not been to the Stingrays practice that week. 

If you are unable to attend any activity due to illness, you must contact the coach prior to the scheduled event.

If you miss Monday practice, you are not allowed to be in the half time routine for that weekend. (even if you are sick or religious holiday) the routine has to be reworked when girls are missing, which takes time. Since they only meet on Mondays at Stingrays it is the only time to rework the routine. You will be able to and are expected to cheer on the sideline for the entire game, just not participate in the half time routine.

If you miss more than one game, you will sit out of the first half of the following game.

THE LABOR DAY GAME IS NOT EXCUSED. YOU SHOULD NOT MAKE ANY PLANS OR GO OUT OF TOWN THAT WEEKEND, WE WILL HAVE A GAME AND YOU ARE EXPECTED TO BE THERE.         The rule is, if the boys are expected to be there and play then so are the girls.

Stingrays Gym will be closed Monday for Labor Day. Our Monday practice will be held on Friday of that week to make up that practice, please do not miss it, if you do, you will not be in the half time routine on Saturday, same rules apply from above.


Cheer Bags should include the following


  • Towel to sit on
  • Raincoat
  • Extra pony tail holders
  • Large Black Garbage Bag (to put all items/bag into, in the event of rain-will prevent items from getting ruined on the field)
  • Water Bottle – WATER ONLY, There is to be NO GATORADE ON THE FIELD
  • Snack (or money for concession @ half-time)
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Any Seasonal Items as weather gets cooler (Jr.Titan sweatshirt, Jacket, raincoat, etc.)
  • Any personal items your cheerleader might need to keep with them – (for example, inhaler, epipen – these are life saving devices and they need to carry them on person)


Ebony King, VP of Cheerleading   bfaire365@gmail.com  404-805-9727