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Northview Jr. Titans Football Program

We have three football teams: 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade.   There are no tryouts or cuts for our teams.  

Our football program is competitive, always with the goal of winning the championship.  We hold registration in the spring, followed by 2-3 weeks of formal spring training.  In 2015, the spring season will begin on Monday April 27.  

During spring training, we have practice 4-5 nights a week and scrimmages/tournaments on the weekends. Spring training allows players to get familiar with their coaches, and allows the coaches to evaluate incoming players.  We anticipate some conflicts with sports in the spring and expect that those who play spring sports will honor their commitment to their spring sport, as we expect in the fall that football will be the first sport of our players.  After spring training, we take the early summer off as an organization, but we recommend and encourage our players to participate in various clinics, speed and agility workouts, and or football camps.  Participation is not mandatory, however.

At the end of July, we begin preparing for the fall season in earnest, having practice 3-4 nights per week, at the discretion of the coaches and per the GMSAA rules.  Participation is required.  Once school starts, our regular season gets underway; we continue with practice 3 nights per week, and have games on Saturdays.  The regular season goes until the end of October, and the top four teams from each division make the playoffs (see www.gmsaa.com.)  Playoffs are single elimination and last four weeks, until the championship games in mid November.  

We realize that practice three nights a week is a huge time commitment and it requires thought and preparation for a middle schooler to manage.  It is so important for the players to get their schoolwork done in a timely manner, budgeting their time wisely, so that they can be at practice every night.  Missing practice affects the entire team.  This is something the older players have learned how to do, and it can be done.  ALL middle school level teams practice 3-4 nights per week.

We encourage and recommend training throughout the off season and will direct players to local trainers and gyms for this purpose.  We begin games in August, but football season really begins whenever the last season ends.  
We have created a formal off season training program like many of our competitors have. This is voluntary and highly encouraged, though training needs not take place within our formal program. Boys can work independently, with a trainer, with a father, or with a friend.  What is necessary is a preparedness that begins far before the beginning of football season.

Letter from the 2011 President:

January 14, 2011

I am very thankful for the opportunity to serve as the next President of the Northview Jr. Titan Football program.
I would like to take this time to share some of the reasons why I chose to take on this responsibility and the vision I have for the future of the Junior Titan Football program.  I would also like to immediately address past parental and coaching issues in a cooperative style to build a stronger and more competitive program.  
My family as been involved with the Northview Jr. Titan program for the past 3 years and we have seen the Jr. Titans weather some tough challenges.  Two years ago our program literally split in two with the redistricting of many families to Johns Creek.  Coupled with the long term history of a less than favorable relationship with the high school varsity program and school administration, we have endured some challenging circumstances.  I presently see an opportunity to capitalize on many key factors necessary for building a competitive program and I believe that with the right coaching and a strong commitment from players and parents, our program can achieve the highest level of success.  Personally, I would love to see our program continue to grow, while instilling a true love and passion for the game as well as the character that comes with teamwork, sportsmanship and the hard work of committed discipline.  Here are some key points for our success as I see it: 
Strong Player Commitment:  A strong player commitment will include a well-developed, intentional off season training program, appropriate to each and inclusive of ALL grade levels.  Off season training is essential to next season's success and every established program has one. Players should be committed to giving their very best every practice, every game.  Not showing up for practice hurts the team; showing up late degrades practice.  Being ready to participate means getting school work done in a timely manner,  which translates to players managing their time well so that school work doesn't conflict with practice and play time.  Failing grades or misconduct will not be tolerated by parents or coaches.
Excellent Coaching:  Acquiring experienced coaches committed to bringing out the best and maximizing the potential of every player on the team in terms of effort, skill and character.  Please keep in mind we are a member of the GMSAA which is a "play to win" league and we must compete to win.  Our coaches must be committed to fielding the best combination of players and positions to achieve victory while hopefully instilling a love for football, a sense of team, and helping each boy fully develop his skills as a player.  We want to know that we are providing excellent instruction that translates into future success for our players on and off the field. These players will grow beyond our program and develop at different times and may find their best athletic success after they graduate from the Jr. Titans program.
Strong Parental Involvement:  Our success is critically dependent on strong parental support and commitment.  In practical terms, this means facilitating your son attending each and every practice, arriving on time and ready to go.  Involving your son in "off season" training, whether you choose to find your own program or participate in those programs we introduce. The goal is to get these boys ready to play to their fullest potential before formal practices begin and training typically begins now.  This is a common practice already in place in our competitors' programs and as I said, every established, successful program has at its foundation, off season training for size, strength and speed.  You can also help by supporting the coaches, realizing that these are volunteers who commit their time and talent for a minimum of 15 hours weekly.  And finally, volunteer support is critical.  It takes a minimum of 60 volunteers for each of our home game days.  We need help and welcome all who are willing to get involved in any capacity.  No job goes unappreciated.  Please ask yourself, how can I be more involved?
A strong connection with the high school program:  Every successful program has a unified, cooperative relationship with the high school varsity program.  For the first time in the Jr. Titan program's history, we are fortunate to have Coach Davenport at Northview who has already demonstrated a genuine interest in our program and shares the same vision of bridging the two programs.
I am very grateful to be joining an exceptional group of people that make up our board and we are already working very hard to ensure the success of the 2011 season.  We welcome your feedback and input and have recently put together a survey that will address some of the concerns we know exist with the program. The survey will be distributed via email.  I strongly encourage you to give us your feedback so we know how to improve our future together.
Rick Dietz